A Sub Police Inspector and a Police Constable were arrested for accepting a bribe of Rs.30,000/=

The Investigation Officers of the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption had arrested a Sub Police Inspector who acted as the Officer in Charge of the Anti-Corruption Unit of the Ipalogama Police Station and a Police Constable on an allegation of soliciting and accepting a bribe of Rs. 30,000/= on 08.12.2022 in accordance with a complaint received by the Bribery Commission.

The relevant Sub Police Inspector was thus arrested when he had solicited and accepted the bribe of Rs.30,000/= through the Police Constable at the Ipalogama Police Station in order not to take legal actions against the complainant’s brother who was arrested for illicit brewing of alcohol and who has been released on police bail and to facilitate this business of illicit brewing of alcohol in future without taking any legal actions and without mentioning the previous mistakes of the complainant and his brother. Moreover, the suspected Police Constable was also arrested in front of the complainant’s house for aiding and abetting the said Sub Police Inspector to receive the bribe of Rs.30,000/=.

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