A Railway Work Assistant of the Department of Railways arrested for receiving a bribe of Rs. 2000/-

The Investigation Officers of CIABOC have arrested a Railway Work Assistant of the Department of Railways on alleged acceptance of a bribe of Rs.2,000/- near the Hunupitiya Railway Crossing on 28.02.2021 in accordance with a complaint lodged by a resident in Polpithigama.

The complainant had caused an accident on 26.02.2021 when his self-driven lorry had hit the railway gate of Hunupitiya Railway Crossing. At that time, the National Identity Card of the complainant was taken into the custody of the suspect and the said suspect was arrested when he had solicited and received a bribe of Rs. 2000/- to abstain from reporting it to the Station Master of Hunupitiya Railway Station regarding this and to prevent from taking any legal actions against the complainant.

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