A Revenue Inspector was arrested for accepting a bribe of Rs.25,000/=

The Investigation Officers of CIABOC have arrested a Revenue Inspector serving "Kaluthavalai Pradeshiya Sabha" has solicited a bribe of Rs. 300,000/= and accepting Rs.25,000/= of the said bribe on 05.10.2021 in accordance with a complaint received to the Bribery Commission.

The above suspect had solicited 03 lakhs of rupees from the complainant in order to prepare plot plans of an already sold land with plots for buyers of such lands as well as to take necessary actions to approve with no hindrance, the plot plans of the lands which will be auctioned in due course and other official activities connected to that. Later, he had agreed to receive the solicited amount as installments of Rs. 25,000/= and he had once accepted such Rs. 25,000/=. Then, when the suspect was accepting the next Rs. 25,000/= as per the promise, he was arrested at the premises of "Kaluthavalai Pradeshiya Sabha" by the investigation officers of the Bribery Commission.

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