A Beat Forest Officer in Mahakumbukkadawala arrested on alleged soliciting a bribe of Rs.20, 000/-

The Investigation Officers of CIABOC have arrested a Beat Forest Officer from Mahakumbukkadawala assinged to the Range Forest Office, Anamaduwa of the Department of the Forest Conservation on alleged soliciting a bribe of Rs.20, 000/- on 12.10.2021 in accordance with a complaint received by the Commission Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption.

The suspect was initially solicited a bribe of Rs.50, 000/- and later the said amount has been reduced to Rs.20, 000/- to return the lorry in which timber is transported by the complainant and to abstain from taking legal action against the complainant. Until the said amount is paid, the Beat Forrest Officer has taken the driving license of the complainant, the revenue license and the insurance certificate of the motorcycle bearing No. MD 0230 in to his custody. The suspected officer was thus arrested for the offence of soliciting money as a bribe when he had visited the complainant’s house on 12.10.2021 and solicited Rs.20,000/- as the bribe and handed over the documents kept under his custody back to the complainant and ready to leave.

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