A Police Sergeant at the Police Station, Ragama was arrested on alleged soliciting and receiving a bribe of Rs. 3,000/=

The Investigation Officers of CIABOC have arrested a Police Sergeant at the Police Station, Ragama on alleged receiving a bribe of Rs.3,000/= on 31.03.2022 in accordance with a complaint received by the Bribery Commission.

The relevant police officer had requested a bribe of Rs. 20,000/= from the complainant to refrain from taking legal actions against the offence of driving a three-wheeler without a valid driving licence, keeping a driving licence of another person at his possession, and to give the wallet , insurance certificate, vehicle revenue license etc, that were taken into his custody back to the complainant.

The suspect was thus arrested when accepting Rs. 3000/= of the said bribe inside the Police Station, Ragama.

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