A Colony Officer and another individual were arrested on alleged soliciting and accepting a bribe of Rs.2 lakhs

The Investigation Officers of CIABOC have arrested a Colony Officer assigned to the Divisional Secretariat, Tissamaharama and another individual on alleged soliciting and accepting a bribe of Rs.2 lakhs on 29.04.2022 in accordance with a complaint received by the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption.

The complainant’s father had received a land at Vilamulla,Viharamahadevipura Grama Niladhari Division in Tissamaharama from the government and Rs.2 lakhs had been solicited to take necessary actions to grant the land permit in the name of the complainant’s father. The relevant Colony Officer was arrested at the Land Division of the Divisional Secretariat, Tissamaharama  when the said amount had been received through some other person while the other suspect was arrested at the Bus Station, Tissamaharama.

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