A police sergeant arrested for accepting a bribe of Rs.30,000/=

The Investigation Officers of CIABOC have arrested a police sergeant who has been appointed to and serves Police Station, Kadawata on alleged soliciting and accepting a bribe of Rs. 30,000/= on 12.09.2022 in accordance with a complaint received by the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption.

The complainant’s son had been caught for destroying the cabin of a three-wheeler in Kadawatha by the respective city dwellers and then they had handed him over to the police station, Kadawatha. The suspected officer had solicited Rs.60,000 and then reduced the amount to Rs.30,000/= in order not to file cases under the section 54 for the said offence and regarding a drug offence, instead to file a case for a minor offence and subject to a lenient fine. Consequently, the suspect was thus arrested when he had solicited and accepted Rs.30,000/=  at Children’s & Women’s Bureau of the police station, Kadawatha.

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