Regional Irrigation Engineer and a labourer (driver) arrested on allegations of soliciting and accepting Rs. 200,000/- (Two hundred thousand rupees) as bribe

Based on a complaint made by a resident in Akkaraipattu, Investigation Officers of the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption arrested a Regional Irrigation Engineer of Akkaraipattu Irrigation Office at around 5.50 p.m. on 12.06.2024 for accepting two-hundred-thousand-rupee bribe through the driver. The suspect, telling that it is illegal to unload mined sand in Irrigation Office paddy fields and lagoons, has solicited four hundred thousand rupees to prevent legal action against him with the support of other government institutions in the area. The bribe was later reduced to two hundred thousand rupees.

After taking the bribed money into custody, Investigation Officers arrested a labourer of the office (who performs as a driver) at around 5.35 p.m. on the same day before his residence for aiding and abetting the first suspect.