Former Parliamentarian Sarana Gunawardena is convicted for a 3 year prison sentence.

While the Former Parliamentarian Sarana Gunawardena was serving as the Chairman of Development Lotteries Board, he was accused for influencing the officers of the Development Lotteries Board to rent three vehicles from his wife by paying Rs 960,000 per each vehicle where thetrue value per vehicle was only Rs. 635,000.
Mr. Sarana Gunawardena was convicted for all the three charges that were presented against him.

He was sentenced with a prison sentence of one year for each charge cumulating a prison sentence of 3 years. Further, he was ordered to pay a fine of 1 lack for each vehicle totaling to a fine of 3 lacks. If he fails to pay the fine, he is to be subjected to a prison sentence of 6 months for each
The prosecution was handled by Assistant Director General Mr. Asitha Athony.

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