Measurement Units Services Assistant of the Department of Measurement Units, Standards and Services arrested for a bribe of Rs.900/-

Upon a complaint received by the hotline of the Commission (1954) from a resident of Thissamaharama, Kohombagaha Pelessa area, the Investigation Officers of CIABOC have arrested a Measurement Units Services Assistant attached to the Department of Measurement Units, Standards and Services in Hambantota – Administrative Complex on 30.12.2020 for receiving a bribe of Rs.900/-.

It is alleged that the suspect has solicited the bribe from the complainant to issue verification certificates for 5 measuring units repaired and serviced by the complainant for the businessmen of Hambantota area and to proceed without any hindrance. The arrest was taken place within Hambantota Administrative Complex while the suspect receiving the bribe of Rs.900/- of the initially solicited Rs.920/- which is 40% of the total service charge received by the complainant for repairing and servicing measuring units.

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