Meeting between the CIABOC Commissioners and Acting IGP

A meeting between the Commissioners of the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption and the Acting IGP was held at the Commission premises on 17th January 2024. Several matters on improving the Investigation Division of the Commission were discussed at this meeting. Accordingly, matters on attaching Officers of Sri Lanka Police who are competent and experienced in investigation for vacancies at the Investigation Division of the Commission, and conducting investigations on money laundering and forensic analysis, the fields added to the Anti-Corruption Act, were given special focus. Further, matters in relation to providing subject-related knowledge required by the Investigation Officers of the Commission and handling joint invesitgations in terms of the new Act were discussed in detail.

As the Commission receives a considerbly higher number of bribery complaints on traffic Policemen, possibility of changing the fine payment method practised for traffic rule violations was also discussed during the meeting.

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