The Chairman and a Driver attached to the Pradeshiya Sabha of Mawanella and arrested for accepting a bribe of Rs. 2 Million

The Investigation Officers of CIABOC have arrested the Chairman of the Pradeshiya Sabha, Mawanella and a Driver serves at the same on an alleged solicitation and acceptance of a bribe of Rs. 2 Milion on 13.01.2023 in accordance with a complaint received to the CIABOC.

The above said Chairman has solicited a bribe of Rs. 2 Million to approve and sign the plan of the land and the building intended to be constructed on a part of a said land owned by the complainant located in the Mawanella city limits. The suspect was thus arrested at the upstairs of the Seetha Restaurant, Mawanalla while he had solicited and accepted the bribe of Rs. 2 million and had tried to take out the relevant money out from the hotel premises through a
driver who serves at the Pradeshiya Sabha of Mawanella.

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