At the Technical Assistance Sessions during the Draft Report of the Implementation Review Group on its First Resumed Ninth Session, Panelist CIABOC Commissioner II Justice Ranjith Silva Spoke of Countries 's Technical Assistance Needs

Panallist 1The Panelist from Sri Lanka " CIABOC Commissioner II Justice Ranjith Silva" spoke of his country's technical assistance needs in relation to the "Citizen's Charter", which was based on the recognition by his government that many public officials did not fully understand their role as public servants.In order to address this , each public institution would display a clear outline of each step of the process required to receive services from the institution.Creating a transparent process would inform public officials of what was required from them,while at the same time ,prevent opportunities for corruption.

The next step would be to increase the availability of online services.By limiting the direct interaction between public servants and citizens again opportunities for corruption would be reduced.The panelist highlighted that ,in order to fully implement these initiatives ,Sri Lanka relied on technical assistance and expertise from abroad. While Sri Lanka had independently addressed a number of institutional and legislative challenges identified in his country, the full implementation required for public officials to be trained in order to have the required expertise.In this context ,he highlighted the need for capacity building ,training and the sharing of good practices in order to equip Sri Lanka's public officials with the technical experience and knowledge to implement the new measures in practice.He called on the international community to respond favorable to such requests for assistance.



CIABOC Sri Lanka Commissioner II Justice Ranjith Silva made two interventions in 3rd September and 5th September 2018 too.

intervention 1

intervention 1

intervention 1



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